Chúng Tôi Là Ai?

Chng ti l một thiểu số nhỏ những tn hữu đơn sơ, thấp hn, khng tiếng tăm v danh vọng. Chng ti chỉ c một tấm lng, một tri tim v một tnh yu đầy tin tưởng vo Tnh Yu Thin Cha. 

Chnh tnh yu ấy l động lực thc đẩy chng ti thực hiện chương trnh ny nhằm đem đến cho cc bạn những giy pht vui tươi, an bnh, hạnh phc v trn đầy tnh yu.

Xin chn thnh cảm ơn qu vị v cc bạn. Rất mong nhận đươc những sự đng gp v kiến xy dựng.


Vậy xin mời các bạn hãy cùng chúng tôi đi tìm tình yêu ấy.

Who are we?

Grounded in faith and rooted in grace…
When Jesus left this Earth, He called on his followers to go into the world and make disciples. He called on us to be the Family of God, together as missionaries.

The founder of Love without Boundary, Clementina Lee, a news anchorwoman for VHN Vietnamese television in California, was also called to serve the Lord. Her vision is to bring the Gospel to the people of the world, and be the witness to share the love of Jsus Christ through her work in television.


To begin her mission, Clementina exchanged her salary to purchase air time, and collaborated with four other founders to air the first program of Love without Boundary on January 27, 2007. Love without Boundary seeks to take the Gospel to parts of the world where Christ is unknown, and to reach out to every family without access to churches, or who have no chance to get to know our Lord due to a language barrier.


Love without Boundary has successfully provided weekly services and worship throughout the nation for the last seven years. We need your joining hands so we can continue this mission. We believe in miracles, and pray for your support. Together with God, we stand on common ground to do God's work and glorify his name. Amen.